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Datacentre SSD failure rates

deamon P
Posted 06:09 01 Mar 16
So at the last USENIX conference, a study on SSD failure rates in googles datacentre's was released with some interesting findings.
  • Age, rather than usage amount correlates to higher error rates.
  • While flash drives offer lower field replacement rates than hard disk drives, they have a significantly higher rate of problems that can impact the user
  • Drives tend to either have less than a handful of bad blocks, or a large number of them, suggesting that impending chip failure could be predicted based on prior number of bad blocks.
A summary of the report is available on Hexus and the Full_Report here.

HDD Failure Rates

deamon P
Posted 01:50 01 Aug 15
There's a nice article over on BackBlaze about hard drive failure rates in their data centres. Definitely worth some consideration next time your getting a new HDD.


deamon P
Posted 19:50 14 Jul 15
So the Tech section will likely be the last section i make.