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deamon P
Posted 03:43 26 Apr 19
Last week I finally got around to adding a service worker to my site. It's based on the templates from the Microsoft PWA (Progressive Web App) tool: This site now supports offline functionality for the main newsfeed page of each category and any additional pages you visit. It's using a network first then cache approach. I.e. It will try to fetch the latest version, if it fails it will serve the most recent version from your browser's cache.

Satisfactory Helper

deamon P
Posted 03:36 26 Apr 19
I've been playing Satisfactory a bit lately, so I decided to start making a rough little tool to help optimise factory systems and recipe choices. Satisfactory: Deamon's Satisfactory Helper

SSL Cert

deamon P
Posted 19:37 09 Feb 19
So I've switch this site from the previous manually configured ssl certificate to using cert bot and let's encrypt for configuration and automatic renewal of my certificate. Also I discovered that my DNS provider does not currently support CAA records so i've open an issue with them about. Modern Security features like DNS CAA aren't something you can just ignore without consequence.

Work no play

deamon P
Posted 23:56 26 Jun 18
So since I work as a software engineer, I don't code as much in my spare time now....

The Bank Malware Scare

deamon P
Posted 20:02 13 Mar 16
So some news outlets recently tried to cause a scare with an article on malware that can impersonate banking apps and redirect 2-factor authentication texts. However, the steps a person has to take to be affected by this malware are ridiculous. A user has to authorise and install software from a non-legitimate source on the internet. As such anyone who allows this malware to be installed on their device is kinda asking for trouble...

Interesting Stats

deamon P
Posted 19:44 13 Mar 16
So I came across an image with some interesting stats on coding job prospects and salaries. Link. Great for me with php, C#, C, js, C++, Java and Python.

Datacentre SSD failure rates

deamon P
Posted 06:09 01 Mar 16
So at the last USENIX conference, a study on SSD failure rates in googles datacentre's was released with some interesting findings.
  • Age, rather than usage amount correlates to higher error rates.
  • While flash drives offer lower field replacement rates than hard disk drives, they have a significantly higher rate of problems that can impact the user
  • Drives tend to either have less than a handful of bad blocks, or a large number of them, suggesting that impending chip failure could be predicted based on prior number of bad blocks.
A summary of the report is available on Hexus and the Full_Report here.

Server Manager

deamon P
Posted 22:42 06 Feb 16
So a while ago i started making a server management tool for myself and it coming along reasonably well. Soon i'll setup a public version that given the servers statuses and allow authorized people to control them :).